Judge Sean Delahanty

Sean Delahanty, District Court Judge


It is an honor to serve as your Division 6 District Court Judge and I ask for your continued support to retain this seat.  No campaign can succeed without volunteers like you, get involved and remember to vote November 6, 2018. – Sean Delahanty

August 9, 2018

JCTA, JCPS Teachers Union, Endorses Sean Delahanty for District Court Judge

Education Advocacy Group, Better Schools Kentucky Endorses Judge Sean Delahanty Better Schools Kentucky, the political organization of the Jefferson County Teachers (JCTA) has endorsed your [Sean

August 4, 2018

Sean Delahanty Earns Most Highly Qualified Responses

Sean Delahanty Earns Most Highly Qualified Responses According To LBA Poll A Louisville Bar

July 24, 2018

Citizens for Better Judges Endorsements

Citizens For Better Judges Endorses

  Judge Sean R. Delahanty is a native of Louisville, Kentucky who was introduced to the

September 12, 2018

Sean Delahanty Discusses LBA Poll and CFBJ Endorsement

Sean Delahanty Discusses LBA Poll and CFBJ Endorsement

September 12, 2018

Sean Delahanty On Making Informed Decisions

Diistrict Court Judge Sean Delahanty On Making Informed Decisions

September 9, 2018

2018 Complete Voters Guide Available Now

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August 31, 2018

2020 Marks 100 Yrs Of Women Voters

Women’s Suffrage 19th Amendment turns 100 The following lyric is a revision of the song

August 29, 2018

Supporters Of Sean Delahanty New Site

New Supporters of Judge Sean Delahanty Site Launches fordelahanty.com The campaign is pleased

More Site

ForDelahanty.com join and participate with other supporters of Sean Delahanty in chatrooms, forums and sharing information.  Suggest video topics and FAQs for the site and keep up on the latest updates from Sean Delahanty’s campaign.

Campaign Store if you’re looking for the perfect way to show your support for Sean Delahanty visit this Zazzle store which has a large selection of Tshirts  and other items with logos connected to our endorsements. This is not a fundraiser site as 95% of purchases go to Zazzle.  The selection of items though makes this a great resource.


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November 6 2018: Louisville, KY General Election

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For Jefferson County District Court Judge Division 6

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Years of Experience Sean Delahanty

BA University of Louisville

BA Political Science - University of Louisville


Practiced Law

Self employed General Practitioner for 18 years


Elected Jefferson District Court Judge Division Six



Graduated Law School

Graduated Law School - Brandeis School of Law - University of Louisville


Represented I.U.E Local 761



Chief District Court Judge

Chief District Court Judge 2008-2011